All You Wanted to Know About New Immigration System Introduced by Theresa May

By Unique Visa Services
In December 10, 2018

All You Wanted to Know About New Immigration System Introduced by Theresa May


The UK government is extremely meticulous about its migration policies. We have seen the changes done by the UK government in its migration policies on a timely basis to control the flow of immigrant in the country. Recently, the prime minister of the United Kingdom and the leader of conservative party Theresa May unveiled the new immigration system which, fettering the movement of the freedom of EU citizens and treating them like any other citizens of the world.


Right after the Brexit move, she was planning to introduce the new immigration system which restricts the follow low-skilled immigrants and allow only highly proficient workers to step into the UK. In an interview the news channel she said, from a long time, she was thinking about introducing the new immigration system that involves the movement of the individual for purposes. We all know that the UK is one of the most-sought-after countries among the immigrants across the globe. Because of the finest working opportunities, world-class educational universities, and peaceful living environment, the UK is the hot favorite immigration destination among immigrants.


In an interview with the leading newspaper, Theresa May said, although, Immigration rules are not the part of the Brexit discussion they would surely consider the discussions with European Union for the future mobility. Theresa said it is the first time in the history of the UK that the UK government would decide who would be able to land up in the UK. The announcement of the new UK immigration system will likely face the criticism from the EU countries and also from those who argue that the UK shouldn’t use any negotiation system, once it has left the European Union countries.


According to the Theresa May, the new immigration system will be a skill-based system where the worker’s skills must be of utmost priority, regardless of where they are coming from. The principal reason behind introducing the skill-based system is to attract the best talents from across the globe to contribute to the UK economy as well as make their life better. In this way, it will be fair to all the workers who have the knack and passion to do something big if given opportunities.

According to the new immigration system, those who want to work and stay in the UK will have to prove they have they have the suffice skills country is looking for. In addition to that, applications must meet the minimum salary threshold to make sure that they are only competing for the jobs that couldn’t be recruited in the UK. Those applicants who get the UK immigration visa successfully would be able to bring their spouse in the Uk if sponsored by the employer.

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