India, Maldives Shake Hands on New Visa Arrangements

By Unique Visa Services
In December 20, 2018

India, Maldives Shake Hands on New Visa Arrangements


Finally, after months of series of talks, Indian and Maldives government agreed for mutual cooperation in the field of visa arrangements. Initially, the new visa policies will be active in sectors like business, agriculture, and culture.


A grand visa arrangements signing ceremony was held at the office of the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. In addition to that, Maldivian foreign minister Abdulla Shahid signed the contract, while from the Indian side, Shushma Swaraj signed the contract on behalf of the Indian government. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi praised the efforts of Maldivian government for taking to reduce the geographical boundaries between two countries, as well as strengthening the bond between India & Maldives.


Let’s have a quick glance at the benefits of the new visa agreement.


  1. For the medical emergencies and long-term medical treatment, the Indian embassy which is situated in the Maldives has the authority to render a medical visa for up to one year. Also, the medical attendants of the patient will be issued a caretaker visa.


  1. Maldivians who are willing to travel to India for business, leisure, or medical purpose, a 90-day visa will be issued once for a period of six months.


  1. If an individual who is on a tourist visa faces a medical emergency, he can obtain a medical visa without prior traveling back to the Maldives. In medical emergencies, family members of the attendant can also apply for the visas.


  1. For the elderly parents and underage students, elderly dependent visas and dependent visas will be issued on a prior basis to the Maldivian students in India.


  1. The students and researchers who are pursuing higher education or researches in India will be able to bring their spouses to India on a family visa.


  1. Depending upon the duration of their courses, multiple entry visas will be issued to the students.


  1. Maldivian parents whom underage children studying in India can also apply for the multiple entry visas.


Apart from the new visa agreements, various other agreements were also signed between Indian and Maldives government to improve and solidify the relationship between two countries. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi not only congratulated the people of Maldives for a serene democratic transition but also lauded the efforts of Maldives president for his extraordinary vision of people-centric government and an unquenchable thrust for sustainable development.


Moreover, prime minister Narendra Modi declared the final assistance of whopping 1.4 billion USD for the progressive socio-economic development of the Maldives. The foreign ministers both the countries lay great emphasis on improving the connectivity between two countries so that a better exchange of information, goods, and services, ideas, people could be carried out effortlessly. The government of India also praised the efforts of the Maldives government for making a huge stride from the group of least developed countries to the mildly coveted middle-income group of countries.

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