5 Chinese Cities to Offer 144 Hour of Visa Free Transit

By Unique Visa Services
In January 8, 2019

5 Chinese Cities to Offer 144 Hour of Visa Free Transit


China is well-known for its stringent visa policies. You can’t step into the land of China unless you have a valid travel document and employer support later in case of the job. Recently, the national immigration investigation of China announced the 144 hours of free visa transit service to foreign travelers from more than 53 countries.


This news came as a bolt from the blue for the majority of the tourists. Because it is very rare for a country like China to loosen it’s visa policies. The five Chinese cities which have begun offering this intriguing service are Hubei, Chengdu, Kunming, Sichuan, and Wuhan. As per the estimation of the Chinese officials, China boasts an average of 43 million foreign visitors annually which indeed is a big feat.


This change in the foreign policy will surely attract the myriad of foreign travelers and which ultimately help to boom the Chinese economy. According to the Wuhan Immigration office, this new visa-free transit policy is the upgradation of old 72-hour visa-free transit policy, and it will increase the flow of foreign travelers significantly.


To make the entire process more simplistic for the passengers, the Chinese government has introduced an application form that need’s to be filled at the airport checkpoint. From there, passengers will get the permit to travel 144-hour visa-free within the above-mentioned provinces. According to the officials, if anyone found to travel after the end of free transit period, they will be punished by the government ( either few months of imprisonment or heavy fine).


Before the inclusion of these 5 cities in the 144-hour visa-free transit service, Visa-free transit services were only able to the foreign travelers in Shanghai city and it’s neighboring provinces. As per the Chinese immigration officials, China is planning to add the number of provinces in the 144-hour visa-free transit criteria by the end of 2019.


The key reason behind making this move by the Chinese government is to give a huge boost to the slumbering tourism of China. Not only the government want to boost up the tourism but also focusing on the inflow of talented professionals in China and help in flourishing the country’s economy. This visa-free transit policy is all about putting the China tourism forward!

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